Feeding a Nation Sustainably & Protecting Americas Waterways

Welcome to Impact Fisheries, where we are committed to sustainable harvesting practices that not only meet the demands of food security but also help address the effects of invasive species on our environment.

Dysfunctional water quality
wreaks havoc on the
Invasive species consume
critical food sources for
native fish.

The Heartland River systems (Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, Red etc.) and other National waterways are home to harmful invasive species that can disrupt ecosystems, outcompete native species, and cause economic damage. Impact Fisheries has developed a solution that benefits both the environment and communities.

We believe that using invasive species is a positive step towards sustainable food solutions of the future, which require a holistic approach that considers environmental, social, and economic aspects of food production and consumption. Sustainable food solutions focus on reducing waste at all stages of the food supply chain through improved storage and preservation techniques, better inventory management, donation programs, and consumer education campaigns.

Food Security

Food Security means that everyone has access to enough safe and nutritious food that meets their dietary needs and preferences for a healthy life.

Achieving Food Security involves addressing factors like poverty, lack of education, inadequate infrastructure, climate change, and conflict. To achieve this, food systems must be sustainable, resilient, and fair, with equal opportunities for all to access food.

This can be done by promoting sustainable agriculture, investing in infrastructure and social safety nets, improving education and health, and promoting gender equality.